FIC: The Letterpool (Multiple pairings, PG-13) Part 3 of 3
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FIC: The Letterpool (Multiple pairings, PG-13) Part 2 of 3
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FIC: The Letterpool (Multiple pairings, PG-13) Part 1 of 3
Interhouse Fest
Title: The Letterpool
Characters: Hermione Granger, Seamus Finnigan, Lavender Brown, Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Cho Chang, Draco Malfoy, Theodore Nott, Neville Longbottom, Susan Bones, Blaise Zabini, Daphne Greengrass, The Patils, The Weasley twins, Lee Jordan, Luna Lovegood, Dean Thomas, Ginny Weasley, Astoria Greengrass, Mr. and Mrs. Granger. I probably left someone out nu… sorry
Prompt number: 96
Word Count: 22,924
Rating: T
Warnings: A lot of swearing, mild hurt and comfort
Summary: It’s October, and everyone has come back to Hogwarts to complete their education. Except space is cramped, Hogwarts is still somewhat in ruins, and getting the morning mail is a disaster. Things only get worse when a love letter that was both anonymous and unaddressed lands squarely in between Hermione Granger, Lavender Brown, Harry Potter, and Seamus Finnigan. Lee Jordan and the Weasley twins make it their business to fully take advantage of the situation by creating both a radio show and a betting pool to find out who the letter was for and who it was from. Thus leaving all the students to wonder… When will there ever be a quiet year at Hogwarts?
Disclaimer: Here’s the standard ‘I don’t own HP and I’m not making any money off of this,’ speech, because lol I don’t. Though there is a lot of hurt/comfort in this. It’s WAAAAY more comfort than hurt. Please forgive the formatting of the Radio show and the Radio Show’s name… It was meant to be a place holder but I couldn’t think of anything to replace it with.
Author’s Notes: Well after countless cups of coffee, and crying to my beautiful, wonderful betas Orgnzdchaos (for moral support, ethics questions, monitor of ridiculous cheesy moments and canon), Traincat (moral support, and helper of writing kiss scenes), and to gelsey-mod who generously helped catching the MANY embarrassing mistakes I thought I had fixed... -___- >__


Every morning the owl post came in, and every morning it was a mess.

The new protocol everyone had adopted (although was still hard getting used to), had helped when to collecting your mail. All you had to do was wait out all of the mail scattering down from the poor overworked owls who lived in the overcrowded owlery, to land then retrieve it.

The reason behind the space issue had to do with everyone needing to repeat the previous year, at Hogwarts. The disastrous curriculum from last year was so barbaric and out of date that it left the students worse off than if they hadn’t learned anything at all.

So, unfortunately the first years and the second years were stuck sharing the same classrooms due to the second years like everyone else had to repeat the previous one. The living situation as you can imagine, wasn’t much better...

At least the temporary living quarters that were set up just outside of the Quidditch pitch were taken down. The volunteer reconstruction workers had managed to expand the common rooms and dormitories for each House giving the surplus students space to live in the castle again.

The majority of the repairs being done to the school grounds were volunteers most of which were recent graduates of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Namely, the Weasley twins, Lee Jordan, Cho Chang etc… It was a great chance to rebuild Hogwarts for the better but it was also a nice chance to say goodbye, too.

So like I said, space was luxury that nobody had. Everyone was cranky, and so as usual the morning owl post chaos came in, and by October no one even bothered looking through the stacks of mail to find their letters until all of them had stopped fluttering down— the only problem with this system was if a letter wasn’t labeled, then, it would take forever to find the person who it was supposed to go to.

As it turned out, this was exactly what one person was counting on.

A letter that had a sort of thickish card-stock and landed directly in between four students. Harry, Hermione, Lavender, and Seamus, amazingly enough, it managed to miss landing in any food too. But there it sat, untouched because it was unlabeled. Finally, Seamus took a look at it and handed it over to everyone’s favorite Gryffindor.

“Oye Harry, it’s probably for you,”

Harry took the envelope and spun it around and briefly glanced inside. “Oh wonderful.” He looked at them darkly. “s’not labeled.”

“No, it’s not, er that’s why I said it’s probably for you.”

Harry sighed. “Wait then, why are you sure it’s for me?”

“Well it looks like a girls’ handwriting, and it ain’t my mam’s, I can tell you that.”

Lavender and Hermione had the same look of annoyance on their faces.

“And what exactly is ‘girls’ handwriting,’ Seamus?” Hermione asked.

Lavender chimed in right after: “Yes, Seamus, please tell, us.”

Seamus could feel his cheeks burning. “I didn’t mean it like that. It’s just the handwriting looks nice, and I dunno girls seem to have nicer handwriting? At least my partners in classes always did, and well if it is a girl’s it wouldn’t likely be for me now would it?”

“Hey,” Lavender said. “Don’t think like that, but that’s beside the point. Seamus, have you seen Hermione’s handwriting? Or mine for that matter. It’s dreadful, plus if it's from a girl it could still be for me or Hermione.”

“Lavender’s right,” Hermione agreed. “It might help if we actually read the blasted thing.”

Lavender couldn’t help but chuckle a bit.

Two years ago if you were to tell Hermione Granger that she and Lavender Brown would be friendly towards each other, she would have definitely hexed canaries at you. When Hermione saw Lavender being attacked by Greyback it put a lot of things into perspective. After mourning the losses of all those who fell, a lot of things seemed small, the differences between houses, blood status, and different races of magical people, diminished.

These differences weren’t gone, not by a long shot. Although at least the Wizengamot trials for Voldemort’s Death Eaters went considerably better than they did after the first war. That was mostly in part to Draco Malfoy, it wasn’t uncommon knowledge that he’d ‘joined’ the Death Eaters at barely 16, if you could really even call it ‘joining.’

He took it upon himself to try and sabotage the Death Eaters from the inside with others like him, who were forced into joining because of blatant threats against their families. He willing took Veritaserum and told the Wizengamot absolutely everything, putting major emphasis on who was innocent and threatened to who signed up willingly. (To answer your question, yes Dolores Umbridge was on that list).

It had been a very dark, very long year, but in the fall when it was time to leave for the Hogwarts Express, it was like everyone had hit the refresh button. There was a stark realization: they were all alive, the war was over, and despite all of it there were countless friendships and bonds that came out the other side. A lot of people didn’t want to forget what happened and were committed to ensuring it never would again. More group projects were assigned in classes, and a variety of extra circular activities were included to boost inter-house unity. However, the House Cup and Quidditch would always be there for some healthy competition.

So Hermione and Lavender’s new found friendship wasn’t so strange. After all, they had fought a war together it.

“Alright then, ease up a bit, I’m only human. Who’s going to read it?” said Seamus.

“Oh, I’ll do it.” Harry took the letter, rolling his eyes. He was about to read it when he found that this wasn’t an ordinary letter. “Er… it’s er, this is a very personal—look it’s a love letter, alright?”

“Oh?” Seamus lifted an eyebrow

Hermione: “Haha, very funny, Harry.”

“Hermione, I’m not kidding around, it’s an anonymous love letter.”

“Give it here?” asked Lavender. As Harry passed the letter to her, she looked around the room and realized everyone in the Great Hall had stopped what they were doing to listen in on what was happening at the Gryffindor table.

Lavender cleared her throat and read the letter out loud.

“Dear Friend,

Our years at Hogwarts are coming to an end. You will probably remember these halls fondly, and everyone will remember you, but I’m quite certain you will not remember me.

There have been certain things that I have left unsaid, so I am telling you now… before it’s too late.

I know I’ve done things… said things in the past that are irredeemable. I’m not writing you in an attempt to erase those errors. I’m not expecting these words to suddenly change things, or win you over either.

This is just to let you know how much I genuinely care about you. I don’t have the words to describe how much being your friend—as brief as it’s been—has meant to me… I can honestly say it’s more than you will ever know.

Again, I’m not looking to impose myself in your life, after Hogwarts, and even if I were to never see you again, that would be okay.

This is just to tell you, that I wish you every happiness.

With all my affection…

A Friend.”

The Four students looked absolutely dumbfounded. They didn’t even notice that the entire Great Hall was in chaos over the letter.

“Did you hear?! A secret love letter was sent to either Hermione, Harry, Seamus, or Lavender?!”

“I know! Who could have sent it?!”

“Who is it actually to?”

“Has anyone started up a betting pool?” George asked while Fred and Lee had the savvy to create a betting pool. In a matter of minutes they had already set up a ballot box to allow people to submit their bets. Lee went to work on hosting a radio show to update the progress of “Letterpool.”

As much as they hated to admit it, secretly the four Gryffindors were happy. What had seemed like weeks of misery had suddenly lifted, all due to this letter. After that brief moment of joy, they were all hit with the same sinking feeling: they were this year’s gossip, and on that note, it was time to act accordingly.


Ron, Harry, and Hermione had barely made it out of the Great Hall alive. They hoped Lavender and Seamus were able to escape unscathed. Once they were out of the mob scene just inside the Great Hall, the Golden Trio made their way to Hagrid’s Shack for a quick visit before Potions class.

“What a load of rubbish,” protested Hermione, but it didn’t stop the blush creep to her cheeks. “It’s obviously meant for you, Harry.”

“Oh? Weren’t you having a go at Seamus for saying exactly that?”

“No, I was having a go at Seamus assuming the handwriting must be a girl’s, just because it’s neat. I think it’s for you because… well, look at who is volunteering for the reconstruction of Hogwarts is.”

Harry slightly puzzled by what she meant, looked around the grounds. At first, he didn’t get what Hermione was on about, there were a bunch of people who they knew from their younger years. The Weasley twins, for example, were back; so were Lee Jordan, Oliver Wood, Angelina Johnson, Katie Bell, Adrian Pucey. Hell, even Marcus Flint came back to help rebuild. He might have been an ugly git, but he was one of Malfoy’s undercover agents aka the Blood Breakers. Who knows how many more lives would have been destroyed that if it hadn’t been for Malfoy’s little undercover spy network? Fred certainly would have been…

Fred had been distracted by having Percy back that he had gotten careless. If Pucey (one of the best Slytherin Quidditch players of all time) hadn’t shoved Fred out of the way just in the knick of time Fred might not still be here.

Still, Harry kept searching then finally his eyes settled on Cho Chang.

“Oh come off it, Hermione, she didn’t write it, and besides that is never going to happen.”

“Mmaht?” Ron asked while chomping down on a blueberry scone. “Sorry, what?”

“Eh, nothing. Hermione just thinks Cho Chang sent the letter to me. Now that is a load of rubbish.”

“Actually,” Ron reluctantly countered his best friend, “Harry, I mean… well, it would make sense, wouldn’t it? You guys were super unlucky with your timing, and the letter sort of makes sense when you think of your history with her.”

Harry scowled and had a sneaking suspicion that Ron was only agreeing with Hermione because of their awkward breakup, but once he started thinking about it, he realized that they did have a point. There were certain pieces of that letter that did seem like it applied to his relationship with Cho… Not that he was going to admit this out loud, of course.

Hermione beamed in triumph. “Thank you, Ron, I knew there was a brain in there somewhere.”

“Oye! I was selected as a prefect alongside you, remember?”

“Fair enough, but Harry only takes your word when it comes to matters of the heart, Merlin only knows why.”

“Come off it, I am not that bad, Hermione, at least not anymore, right Harry? … Harry?”

But Harry was off in his own world thinking about Cho and how hilariously badly things went. They definitely had the odds stacked against them from the very beginning. Her friend “betraying” the DA wasn’t an easy thing to swallow, but Harry did admit shamefully that he resented her for it. The truth of it was, they were children and her friend was terrified for her parents, the only person they should have blamed was Umbridge… Maybe things could be different now?

“Yeah er… right, give me a moment?” Harry didn’t wait for a reply and walked over to Cho.


Harry wandered over to Cho, leaving Ron and Hermione behind. It had been a while since they were alone together. After the war, they tried dating, and at first it went fine, but they soon realized they just weren’t the same people after the war. Between Ron’s experience with the locket and Hermione’s understandable concern with getting her parents’ memories back…

It left them way too out of sync… perhaps if things had been different, then maybe things would have worked out. Still, as much as the break was mutual, they were still doing the awkward dance of working out the new dynamic of their relationship.

Yet here they were again preparing for class, and Ron out of habit asked Hermione, “Please help me write this essay? I will honestly do anything and I will make it up to you this time. I mean, I know I’ve said that before bu—”

“Ronald, we both know you won’t, and if you did, I think I’d die from shock.”

Hermione’s scolding sent Ron bursting into laughter. “Sorry, ‘Mione, you’re absolutely right.” Hermione rolled her eyes in mock annoyance, but it was all in good fun.

“Blimey… We haven’t laughed like this since 6th year,” he said whilst wiping his tears from laughing.

“Yeah, and let’s face it, 6th year was a disaster.”

“Heh yeah… I’ve missed this, us being normal, you know?” Ron hoped he hadn’t just crossed a line, but it was the closest they’d been since the breakup.

Hermione picked up on his slight anxiety and smiled. “Yeah… Listen, Ron, I know we’re both sorry it didn’t work out, but this is ridiculous, we’ve been friends for ages.” She’d been waiting for the right time to approach the subject and was glad that they were actually talking about it.

“Completely agree.”

“So it’s settled then,” Hermione chuckled. “We’re mates and all that?”

“That is just weird when you say it, but yeah, ‘Mione, of course, ‘we’re mates’ and all that.”

They grinned at this new understanding, and it was like a weight had been lifted, no more awkward tension, no worry careful words and glances. They were aggravating Ron and know-it-all Hermione Granger again.

“Hey, Ron… One more thing before we completely move on?”


“I just wanted to let you know. You were the best first love anyone could ever ask for.”

“Hermione, without you I’d still—what was it? Oh right, I’d still have ‘the emotional maturity of a teaspoon.’ We really helped each other grow, didn’t we?”

“We really did.”

They hugged for a while, and the last of the awkwardness that had plagued them disappeared.

“Just promise me one thing, next time I snog a girl please don’t send scary birds after me?” Ron smirked then started to lightly jog.

“Ronald Billius Weasley! Get back here, you cowardly git!” Hermione yelled after him


Cho was always a fan of how the interior of Hogwarts castle operated. The constantly moving staircase she realized actually were a huge help during the battle of Hogwarts. The students knew their irregular patterns much better than Voldemort’s Death Eaters who left the castle years ago.

The Death Eaters had a dreadful time trying to figure out where to strike in the castle all because of the enchanted stairs. That was why Cho was working on fixing the staircases. It was one of the students’ best defenses against outsiders who meant to do the school harm. Fixing them was very important to her, and she hardly let anything distract her from them, which was why when Harry Potter stood right beside her she didn’t even notice.

“They’re looking a lot better.”

Cho jumped. “Oh, Harry, hi, I didn’t see you there,” Cho rambled. “Thanks for noticing the work on the stairs, they still have a long way to go.”

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to surprise you,” Harry chuckled softly. “I just wanted to see how it was going… w-with the stairs. Er… I mean, Hermione mentioned that there was a ton of sophisticated magic that got them working the way they did. I figured it must be very time-consuming.” Harry hated himself all over again. Wasn’t he too old to be this nervous around Cho Chang?

“Hermione’s right.” Cho smiled. “It’s been difficult to replicate, but I think I’m getting the hang of it. Luna and Padma offered to help a bit… d-do you think Hermione would like to join in?”

“Oh, um, yeah. I’ll ask her. She’d probably—uh…” Harry’s expression darkened, “Actually er… Hermione’s pretty overwhelmed at the moment, but I know she can probably take a moment if you need help… You should really ask her—or I can.”

“O-Oh sorry are you two dating? I don’t want to step on any toes—”

“What?! No, god no, I mean no. Er I mean yeah I love Hermione but no, no still just and will always be just friends, and that is it, forever.”

Cho was trying desperately to not laugh at his expense, but she had to wonder. “Oh then um… why?”

Harry sighed. “She… before the war, she cast a memory charm on her parents… it’s apparently a lot stronger than she anticipated, and she’s been trying everything to get it lifted. Oh, bloody hell, Cho, sorry, I wasn’t supposed to say anything—please don’t tell anyone that… she doesn’t want—”

“No! Oh, of course not I won’t tell anyone… Oh, Hermione… I can’t even imagine…” Cho quickly glanced in Hermione’s direction where she went from arguing with Ron to hugging him to playfully hitting him which was the norm for them at least before the war. “I feel terrible, it should have occurred to me, she’d have to do something like that for her parents. Is she alright, though? I mean she and Ron look like they’ve sorted themselves out, but I mean otherwise is she ok or does she need any help?”

He wasn’t expecting this to be her reaction, and it made him hate himself all over again for how harshly he’d judged her during his 5th year. “I—Cho that’s really kind, but I think Hermione feels like she has to do this on her own. I know the only reason she’s agreed to let Neville and Susan help her with it is because,” Harry broke out in a grin, “Well, Susan’s had a mad crush on Neville for ages so, er, Susan may have let Hermione think this was her idea to get them to spend some time together alone.”

Cho laughed. “I bet Hermione sees straight through that but has every intention of setting up them up anyway.”

“Oh, does and she is.” Harry laughed along with her until he heard the bell signaling his next class. “Ah crap, I’ve gotta go to potions…”

“Oh right sorry! I didn’t mean to hold you up, but this was fun, Harry, it’s great seeing you.”

“Yeah, we should hang out again.”

Cho blushed. “Yeah, sounds good. Hogsmeade?”


“Ok, but one condition, do not even think about taking me to the Madam Puddifoot’s.”

Harry cringed but smiled. “Right, duly noted. Three Broomsticks ok then?”

“The Three Broomsticks is perfect, now get to class I’m not going to be your excuse for being late.”

“Harry! We gotta get a move on before Slughorn gives us cauldron cleaning duty!” Ron shouted impatiently. Clearly Hermione was being too good of an influence on him.

“Right, on my way!” Harry grinned. “Er, heh, thanks, Cho, for the chat.”

“No problem, now go.” She smiled.

Harry jogged over to Hermione and Ron. Hermione was smirking. “That looked like that went rather well.”

Harry gave them both a crooked grin. “Well yeah, at least we’re going to talk again at Hogsmeade, and who knows we might have actually gotten the timing right this time.”

“That is wicked, but try not to mess up as badly as last time.”

Hermione let out an exasperated sigh. “Oh, Ron, what did I ever see in you.”

“Must have been my excellent sense of humor and charm.” Ron made a point of wiggling his eyebrows, sending the three of them into fits of laughter before they went off to Potions class.


Dean had finally gotten Seamus out of the Great Hall. “Bloody hell, what a nightmare. You alright, Seamus?”

“I-yeah-I they actually think that’s for me? I mean that’s ridiculous.”

“Why’s it ridiculous? Seamus, you’re great.”

“No, Dean, you are… you were in it with Luna and Malfoy up at the Malfoy Manner. I— I’m probably the biggest git Gryffindor ever had.”

“Aw, Seamus, you can’t still be upset over 5th year? Harry’s long since forgiven you, and besides we were all scared. You fought alongside us in the war, not for nothing—that trumps being a 15-year-old idiot.”

“Who was a 15-year-old idiot?” asked Luna dreamily. “I think I bought both you some time, I started talking about Wrackspruts. It’s the oddest thing, for some reason Wrackspurts always makes people nervous. So they should stay away for now. However, you may want to move away from here sooner rather than later.”

Dean grinned. “Thanks, Luna, you’re the best.” Dean gave Luna a quick peck on the lips, and she smiled sweetly at him. Seamus thought Luna was—well, you know—looney at first, but after getting to know her, his opinion completely changed for the better. She made Dean happy and had helped keep him safe along with Malfoy. He regarded both Luna and even Malfoy with respect after that.

“Yeah, thanks, Luna it was getting overwhelming.”

“Not a problem, Seamus, Ginny offered to help, she’s still quite good with the bat bogey hex, so you really ought to use the 5 or 10 minutes we’ve bought you.”

“Will do, thanks again, Luna!” Seamus grabbed Dean and off they went to Potions early.

“Ugh, what a nightmare… least we managed to avoid the Weasley Twins and Lee Jordan.”

“Ha! Dean, don’t you mean we did for now? You know them, they’ll eventually corner us for sure.”

“C’mon, where’s the infamous Finnegan optimism?”

“It’s here, just buried.”

“Alright, mate, whatever you say… Listen, Luna and I can change our plans so that you could come along to Hogsmeade later tonight. I’m sure Luna wouldn’t mind, ya know.”

“Dean, it’s your bloody anniversary, no way, thanks fer the offer, though.”

They went off to Potions quickly before the mob arrived.


Lavender watched as Harry, Hermione, and Ron, who were used to gossip at this point, quietly but quickly walk out of the Great Hall. After they were gone, a considerable number of students swarmed Seamus Finnegan and Dean Thomas. Dean Thomas was doing his best to fend off the horde of students plus the betting pool animals, aka the Lee, Fred, and George. Lavender, not wanting to stick around, decided to depart rather briskly while everyone was distracted with getting Seamus’s comments.

“Lav!” Parvati ran up to her best friend. “Wait up!”

Lavender slowed down, waiting for Parvati to catch up, although Lavender made a point t to respond to what she assumed would be Parvati’s line of questioning. “Before you start, no, there’s nothing to say, it’s probably meant for Harry, I mean he did save us all. Maybe for Hermione, although I think Seamus would be an interesting candidate. After all, he does have a certain charm. I highly doubt it’s for me, even if it were I’m just not in that head space, just no.”

“Suuuuure, says the girl who snogged Won-Won all throughout our 6th year.”

“Ugh, why do you always have to bring that up?” Lavender cringed at the memory.

Out of all the things she’d ever done in her life, the top thing she regretted was her behavior when she dated Ron Weasley. Sure, she fancied him and all, but ugh the way she acted.

“Alright, alright, sorry, but seriously now, you aren’t interested in the letter at all? Who are you and what have you done with Lavender Brown?”

“Parvati, I’m serious, I just want a normal year of Hogwarts. Passing my classes, maybe getting more into divination, despite what everyone says it can be quite useful.”

Parvati looked a little worried and softly comforted her friend. “Look, I get it, that 6th year wasn’t exactly a great one for us, but come on, Lavender, it’s in the past and no one cares about that. I guess I just want to make sure you’re ok… but you have to admit it’s rather exciting, isn’t it?”

Lavender rolled her eyes grinning. “Oh, I suppose…” She laughed. “ Thanks, Parvati, I am okay. I know the Greyback thing freaked you out and fair enough, but I’m okay and you know Bill Weasley and Professor Lupin have been really helpful through the whole thing.”

“Hey, anytime Lavender, and remember you can always talk to me about that stuff too.”

“I know.” There was a brief pause before Lavender lightened the mood. “So spill: who did you bet on?”

“Lavender Brown, what kind of person do you take me for? Hmmm?”

“Don’t Lavender Brown me, I know you placed a bet.”

“Ah, you know me well. Ok, Ok I bet that— ” Just then the two bumped into Theo Nott and Draco Malfoy.

Lavender dropped all of her books and sighed, thinking, ‘oh great, this is just what I need, bumping into these two…’

Everyone knew that the Slytherins who attended Hogwarts this year were a part of the Blood Breakers, and if it hadn’t been for them, many more lives could have been lost. Still, there was something about Malfoy that left a sour taste in her mouth. It was unfair, and she was continually trying to get over that (his lack of smirkTM) certainly helped. Theodore Nott was another thing entirely. He had been the one who picked her up and carried her to Madam Pomfrey after Hermione blasted Greyback off of her. After the war they had been on friendly terms, but now, nothing aside from a polite hello.

“Sorry,” Theo mumbled in his usual way, he was always so quiet.

“S’alright…” Lavender said, examining him closely

“You ok?” he asked, handing Lavender her books.

“Er… yeah, why wouldn’t I be?” She took her books and noticed Malfoy masking a smile the best he could. “Thanks…er bye?”

“See you…” Theo mumbled as Draco and he went down to the dungeons for Potions.

“What do you suppose that was about?”

Lavender and Parvati proceeded to climb up to Divination class. Lavender wondered which god she had to thank for Divination overlapping with Potions.

“I haven’t the foggiest, it was rather odd.” Parvati shrugged. “But I wouldn’t be too worried about it, though.”

“I suppose…” Lavender hummed. “Theo’s been really weird lately, he used to talk to me a lot over the summer and now? He’s barely glanced my way since we got back to Hogwarts.”

Parvati grinned. “Well maybe he likes you. Or… maybe he sent the letter to you. Well, that’s my bet anyway, luckily I was able to place it before the FLG could wrangle me into their show.”

“Parvati. You either have been confounded or would make an amazing comedian, but wait who now? What show?”

“Uh, Fred Lee and George, who else? They’re doing a radio broadcast of ‘Letterpool,’ least that’s what they’re calling it.”

“Wonderful… Seriously just one year. Can we just for once have a normal sodding year at Hogwarts? Ever?”

“Considering this is our last year? No, which brings me to my point, Lavender, dear friend of mine. Theo definitely wants to hold you in his arms and snog you.”

Lavender felt the heat rise to her cheeks. “He does not, what gave you this insane idea anyhow?”

Parvati sighed and went still. “Because of what happened with Greyback, and the fact that you both sent each other letters all throughout the summer. You guys even met up a couple of times.”

“One. Everyone was worried about me after Greyback. Two. Okay yeah, we spent some time together over the summer. Three. Yeah, we wrote letters to each other. I know his handwriting, Parvati, and it definitely wasn’t his. Although I have to admit, I miss spending time with him.”

“Well look you don’t know he could have disguised his handwriting or maybe had someone else write it.”

Lavender rolled her eyes at Parvati.

“Oh fine, maybe he didn’t write the letter. It doesn’t mean he doesn’t have feelings of a romantic nature towards you.”

Lavender blushed, and Parvati smirked. “And upon that realization, I will let you ponder all things Theodore Nott. Just remember tonight I’m out, so say hi to Pads and Hannah for me.”

“Ah, another date with Astoria.”

“Yes, who else?”

“You know if you hurt her, Daphne Greengrass will have your head on a platter.”

“But that’s why I’ve got you and Pads, you’ll protect me.” Parvati pulled Lavender in for a side-hug.

“Oh alright, at least one of us is dating.”


“Smooth, really smooth.”

“Oh come on, Draco… it’s just really—”

“Oh, Theo blow it with Lavender again?”

“Oh Blaise, shut up, you honestly can’t talk, have you even spoken two words to Ginny?”

Blaise stammered, “Hey, not so loud, Weasel just sauntered in! And as it happens, we’re going out, actually, so you two losers can stick it up your robes.”

“Well hey come on now, how did I get dragged into this? You can’t honestly put me into the same category as Theo.”

“Oh please I’m way better than you are, Draco.”

“Oh and how’s that?”

“‘Cuz I can at least admit I have feelings for someone, whereas you can’t.”

“Haha funny.”

“Oh stop it, Draco, WE KNOW,” Blaise and Theo said simultaneously

“Right, I honestly have no idea what you’re on about, also Theo that was a shocking performance. Seriously, weren’t you and Lavender ‘almost’ dating this summer?”

“Merlin, you boys are loud,” Daphne Greengrass remarked. “Well, loud and sad, honestly, grow up, for crying out loud. Oh and Draco, we know your secret crush so you can stop lying to us now.”

“That,” Draco responded sharply, “is not a thing up for discussion.”

“Ah, not so funny when it’s your love life eh?”

“Oh Theo baby, not now the grown-ups are talking,” Daphne chastised him.


“Look, boys, the girls you fancy? They aren’t going to know you care about them if you don’t put yourself out there. So stop whining and do something about it.”

“Might I point out again that I am dating Ginny Weasley.”

“Blaise, that does not count.”


“Because she asked you out, idiot.”

“Shut up, Daphne,” Blaise mumbled. “At least I am dating…”

“She never will, you know, shut up I mean,” said the younger Greengrass, who popped into their Potions class.

“Astoria, shouldn’t you be in class somewhere?”

“Yeah, yeah, I just wanted to remind you that I’m out tonight.”

Daphne’s eyes narrowed. “Right… Tell Patil that if I see you crying for any reason I will viciously take it out on her, and I won’t care if it’s because of her or not.”

“Please don’t, start that again, while I do appreciate your support, I’d prefer you not threatening the girls I go out with.”

Daphne gave a look that could turn Medusa into stone. “No promises.”

“Well, thank you for at least trying. Ciao, big sister.” With that, Astoria left

Theo gaped at her. “Somehow, I always forget how scary you can be, Daph.”

“Ah yes, that is because I’m a superior being than you lot. Anyway, this ‘Letterpool’ business is interesting, hmm?” Daphne cast a look directly at one Gryffindor boy in particular. “I wonder who could have written it, and who it could be for.” With that, Daphne left to sit by her cauldron and prep for class.

“You don’t think she wrote it?” asked Nott.

“Nope,” Malfoy said curtly.

“Maybe, there have been weirder things, but honestly, I don’t want to know. Daphne’s love life is not to be meddled with, I think the only person who has and lived to tell the tale is Astoria.”

“And that’s only because Astoria is her little sister.”

“Yeah, yeah, whatever,” Draco huffed. “Focus up, Slughorn’s here.”

Blaise and Theo gave each other a questioning look; clearly, the previous topic had shaken Malfoy far more than they had anticipated, and just this once they decided to let it go. Besides potions with Slughorn wasn’t exactly an easy 'O' after all.


Dean had been wandering around looking for Luna so they could go out on their date. Little did he know that his plans were going to be interrupted by a very enthusiastic Fred, Lee, and George. Thus starting the interviews for Hogwarts new radio show:

*Fred, Lee, and George pop out of nowhere with a microphone*
Lee: Heeeello, Hogwarts! This is Lee Jordan from Hogwarts new radio show Hogwarts Hot Topics! I’m am currently broadcasting with the illustrious Weasley twins, Fred and George! Remember, kids, Zonko’s is classic but if you’re bored definitely check out FG’s Weasley’s Wizarding Wheezes on your next trip to Diagon Ally!

Fred and George: Hello, hello!

Lee: Now for the real news, we’re interviewing Luna Lovegood and her beau Dean Thomas about the anonymous love letter that fluttered down to the Gryffindor table. We are taking bets on who it is for and who wrote it, so ladies and gents, if you would like to have a bet on our Letterpool, please see me, Fred, or George. Over the course of the year or at least until the author and/or recipient are revealed, we’ll be collecting data to help stabilize the odds on the four candidates. In case you’re unsure of who they are, let me remind you we have: the one and only Harry Potter, the Boy Who Lived, best Gryffindor seeker and the one who defeated He-Who-Must-oh sod it Voldemort technically twice; Fire Master Extraordinaire Seamus Finnegan; Champion of true Love herself, bearing her heart bravely on her sleeve, Lavender Brown! And last but certainly not least, the Lionhearted Brightest Witch of—well I dare to say it Brightest and Bravest Witch of the century, Hermione Granger! Which brings us back to our guests! Hello, Dean! Hello, Luna! Any thoughts?

Dean: *rolls eyes* Must we do this?

Luna: I think we should, Dean, it would certainly help our friends.

Fred: Lee, perfect announcing as ever!

Luna: Yes, Lee, you’re quite good, I would have some one-on-one meeting with you on announcing the Quidditch House matches if that’s still a possibility.

Dean: Wait a minute! Hang on, when was that discussed?

Luna: Only just now, I thought it would be a good idea, my humor tends to be accidental. Although it was nice of Ron to compliment me on it.

George: *chuckles* That’s our Ron! Now as Lee said, the Letterpool is going on until we figure out who the letter is to, and who is the sender! Dean, Luna, any thoughts?

Dean: Oh come on, guys, we’re supposed to be on a date now.

Luna: Dean, it will only take a minute or two, plus it will only delay us longer if we don’t.

*Dean casts the pranking trio a dark look, that even causes Fred to shrink back a little bit*

Dean: These three jokers better not hold us up for long…

George: Really we’re just curious, and I think we all need this bit of amusement, no?

Luna: It might help to see the letter again… *Luna skims it.* Hmm, something about the handwriting is familiar.

Dean: *peers over her shoulder* Oh wow, yeah, Lune, you’re right… Where have we seen it before?

Luna: I’m not sure… I do think the person who wrote it may be on the reconstruction team or—

Fred: Like Cho Chang for example?

Lee: ‘Fraid that looks like that might be a dead end, although allegedly Harry Potter and Cho Chang were seen talking earlier today.

George: Excuse these two, Luna you were saying?

Luna: Well it’s possible it’s from Cho, especially since I think they’re going to the Three Broomsticks together tomorrow. However, I think it could be anyone who’s graduating this year due to the fact that the letter describes the sender not being able to see the recipient again. Also, although the letter is anonymous, it does seem like the sender knows the recipient well but not well enough that they’d see each other after school.

Dean: *beaming at Luna*

George: That is a good theory!

Dean: Of course it is, Luna’s brilliant! *Dean holds her hand, and they both smile*

Lee: It’s a really touching scene here between Dean and Luna, definitely a cute couple.

Dean: I really like you, Lee, but you’re pushing into Rita Skeeter territory.

Lee: *Lee gasps in mock offense*

Fred: That’s a bit much.

Dean: Oh I’m sorry, how would you lot feel if I interrupted a date between you and Angelina, Fred? Or well I don’t actually know if George or Lee are seeing anyone, but same concept.

George: Come on, be a good sport, Dean, have some fun. You do remember fun, right?

Dean: Ugh, can we get this over with!?

Fred: Yes, sorry, continue.

Dean: I want it to be for Seamus, and if it is I’m willing to bet it’s either a Slytherin or Hufflepuff.

Luna: I’m not sure, and I don’t have any evidence on who it’s for but as long as both parties are happy I suppose that’s all that matters, I know we are. *Luna looks at Dean fondly while Fred, George, and Lee mumble how odd it is that Luna looks at evidence in this case rather than the things that are posted in the Quibbler*

Dean: We certainly are. *Dean kisses Luna’s forehead and they go to Hogsmeade*

Lee: Well, that was vague; enlightening, but vague.

Fred: Also borderline sickening on how sugary sweet these two are.

George: But still enlightening nonetheless. This at least gives us some intel on the ages/years the sender could be from, and there’s a boost in Seamus Finnegan’s odds.

Lee: I just want to point out that Luna Lovegood is the second best announcer after yours truly, and I look forward to hearing more of her Quidditch commentating.

Fred: *snort* Yes, Luna does have a unique take on it, doesn’t she?

George: Alright, boys, back to Letterpool. So in conclusion, Dean has not made a formal bet, but he has given Seamus a bump in his odds, and Seamus’ sender most likely is someone from Slytherin or Hufflepuff.

Lee: Well that’s all for today, once we gather up more information we will post some odds to help create informed betting decisions! Until then, anyone may vote accordingly. This is Lee, George, and Fred signing off!


Lee: Hello, Hogwarts! Good morning! I hope you’re all rested up from yesterday! This is Lee Jordan from Hogwarts Hot Topics interviewing the youngest of the Weasley family on her bet for the Letterpool!

Ginny: Hi Lee, nice to see you.

Lee: Well Ginny, after yesterday’s excitement and Dean and Luna’s quick interview, we were wondering if we could get your input on the situation?

Ginny: Oh come on, they had reservations, I hope you lot didn’t make them wait that long…

Fred: Oh I think we only kept them for about 10 minutes.

Ginny: You better had, it was their anniversary, you daft gits.

George: Oh… yikes now that you say that they may have mentioned something like it…

Ginny: *annoyed sigh* Perhaps we should stick to the topic, yeah?

Lee: Of course, here is the letter in case you wanted to have a look at it. *Lee hands it over to Ginny, and she glances over it quickly before handing it back*

Ginny: Thanks, Lee, well the person who wrote it definitely isn’t a Gryffindor. I don’t have proof but I feel like if they were, they’d just come outright and say it, ya know? I don’t know who it’s for sure, but I have a feeling it’s for Hermione. Still, that doesn’t mean much, but I know it’s not from Ron.

Lee: That’s right, they broke up recently. That must be a bit awkward, yeah?

Ginny: *glares at Lee as the twins shift uncomfortably* Yes, it was at first, but Ron and Hermione were always friends first, and recently they patched things up, I mean really patched things up and now it’s back to the way it was before.

Lee: Well that’s great to hear! So you’re betting on Hermione Granger, any idea who wrote it or from which house? Was it from you?

Ginny: No, Lee, I didn’t write it, but to answer your other question, if it is for Hermione then good luck to us all on finding who it could be from.

Fred: Why’s that?

Ginny: You’re kidding, right? Didn’t you guys even look at your stupid Letterpool? Hermione is in second place to Lavender Brown on the amount of suitors who could have written the letter for her. You guys have anyone from Justin Finch-Fletchly to—ugh—Cormac McLaggen. Please, Merlin, let it not be from that prat.

George: HA! Yes indeed! We all remember McLaggen’s desperate attempts to seduce Hermione Granger. No offense, McLaggen, but no way.

Ginny: Yeah, oh but yeah, my bet is for Hermione. *Tosses some galleons to Lee*

Lee: Alright, well this concludes our session with Ginny Weasley on the Letterpool. On a more personal note, Ginny, are the rumors true? Are you and Blaise Zabini dating?

Ginny: They put you up to this, didn’t they?

Lee: *sees Ginny’s dark seething anger* Which answer gets me into less trouble?

Ginny: I knew it. Fred? George? You are about to be very, very sorry. *Ginny gets up and stares at them*

Lee: H-Heh *Lee clears his throat* Well then, that really does conclude Ginny Weasley’s input on Hogwarts Hot Topics I’m Lee Jor—*Crashing noises and screams of horror in the background* H-Heh that’s, OhI’mOutOfHere!


George: H-Hello, Hogwarts, this is George Weasley interviewing Cho Chang for more insights on the Letterpool… *groaning in agony*

Cho: G-George? What happened?! Are you alright? How did you get that black eye?!

George: Y-yeah, oh well er… we may have teased—I mean Fred and me may have teased Ginny a little too much about her love life. And that was wrong. Very, very wrong. Fred’s still in the Hospital Wing, and Lee’s away right now to give some Luna Quidditch commentating tips. So it’s just me for now.

Cho: You’ve already seen Madam Pomfrey?!

George: Yep…

Cho: *wide eyed in shock* R-Right then, erm, you were saying?

George: Right, right. So, Cho, you, and Harry Potter have had a history of a romantic nature… word is you two have arranged a little rendezvous together for tonight. Are you off to meet him now?

Cho: I-uh-well I mean yes, I am on my way to Hogsmeade now, but it’s not a date or anything, it’s just us meeting up and talking.

George: I didn’t say anything about a date per se.

Cho: You implied it.

George: I’m offended by your accusation.

Cho: -__- No wonder Ginny pulverized you.

George: Like I said, you’re the one who mentioned a date, not me, and speaking of things in a romantic nature… any idea who could have written it, Cho?

Cho: If you’re implying I wrote it for Harry, I’m afraid I’m going to have to disappoint you, although it wouldn’t surprise me if it was for Harry.

George: Oh yes? Why is that?

Cho: Well sure, I mean he is very well-liked and charming and easy to talk to—

George: Sure you still don’t fancy Harry?

Cho: -__- Someday, George Weasley, something like this will happen to you, and it won’t seem so funny. *Cho gets up and walks away.*

George: Well, there you have it, folks. Cho thinks it’s for Harry, Luna had thoughts on it being for Harry and written by Cho, although it looks like that is a dead end… Dean is rooting for Seamus, and Ginny thinks it’s for Hermione. That concludes tonight’s interviews, keep tuned into our show for recaps and new interviews, and remember if you want to place a bet in the Letterpool visit me, Fred, or Lee. Good night, Hogwarts.


Maybe it was the change from Madam Puddifoot’s to the Three Broomsticks, maybe it was because they were older now. Either way Harry Potter and Cho Chang were having a great time hanging out together.

“I will never get over that game. Cho, you were fantastic! I wasn’t even angry about missing the snitch, it was incredible.”

“Oh please, that was all luck.” Cho laughed as she sipped her butterbeer

“I caught the snitch with my mouth once; trust me, that was not a strategic choice.”

“Oh yeah! Ugh, that looked awful!”

“It wasn’t fun, that’s for sure.” Harry grinned. Talking about Quidditch was always easy, and it was nice for once to talk about it with someone who wasn’t obsessed with the Chuddley Cannons.

“Yeah, and you know, Cedric was great at—” And just like that, the conversation crumbled. ‘Way to go, Harry, this was actually going well then you have to go and say that with your big trap,’ Harry thought to himself.

Cho smiled sadly. “Yes, yes, he was…”

“Sorry… I should have thought—we don’t have to talk about him.”

Cho rolled her eyes. “Harry, that was our problem last time.” She paused. “He’s missed, he’s very dearly missed, but this is a crap way to honor him. He and everyone who died to make this world a brighter place. I think we need to stop beating ourselves up for everything that happened, you especially. You have the whole world on your shoulders, you have since you were a kid, and everyone forgets that. Sorry, it’s okay if you don’t want to talk about this, but just know you can talk to me about it. I don’t want it to be like last time, we were both grieving and everything was a mess, but I had people to talk to… I know you did too, but I’m hoping you’re talking to someone now. Harry, you’re not invincible, and you shouldn’t have to be.”

Harry swallowed hard. “I guess I know why you’re in Ravenclaw now, no one’s ever really tried to talk to me about this stuff. I mean, Ron and Hermione, sure, but they’ve had a lot to deal with too. I guess I just… no, I guess I’m not talking to anyone about it. I dunno why but I always feel like it’s selfish of me, after all, I am ‘the Boy-Who-Lived.”

“Harry…” Cho reached out and held his hands in hers. “People forgot that you are human, and it’s obvious you carry the guilt for all of us, but you don’t have to because what happened is not your fault. It’s not selfish to ask for help when you need it. When you asked me out tonight, I was actually really happy because I could apologize and make sure you were okay. You can talk to me anytime, and maybe we can even be friends again.”

Harry was stunned into silence.

“You deserve a happy life, Harry, never forget that people who love you for more than just being the Boy-Who-Lived. You are not perfect, you are not a god, you are a person who deserves more than to just be idolized. You deserve a life that you should have had, happy and unextraordinary—normal, life. You should live it now, not for anyone else, just yourself.”

Harry had to take his hands from Cho’s to rub his eyes. “Thank you.” He sniffled.

“Oh wow, who do we always end up with one of us crying?” Cho joked.

Harry smiled. “S-Sorry, it’s just no one, no one has ever—I didn’t think—Aside from the Weasleys and Hermione… Sorry, words are hard right now. I don’t really have the right ones to say at the moment but thank you. Just—thank you.”

Harry reached out for her hands again, and she took them immediately and squeezed.

“Hey, let’s just take our time to get to know each other again. No need to rush this time around, and remember I’m here, okay? As a friend, or whatever.”

“Just a friend?”

Cho blushed. “I—yes, for now just a friend. Let’s do the boring thing where we hang out, get to know each other, then start dating. Maybe after that… I’d like to be more than a friend, but I don’t think you need a girlfriend right now.”

“Yeah…” Harry started. “But I think I like this boring thing. I do have one question, though… the letter?”

“No, I didn’t write it, I should have, I should have come to you. But as always, you’re the brave one.”

They both took a minute to let everything sink in. It was as if an entire weight had been lifted from his back. “So we do the boring thing for now?” he asked.

“Well, boring for Harry Potter standards anyway.”

Harry laughed. “It’s not my fault weird shit is attracted to me.”

“I’ll say.”

They both took deep breaths and eased back into their earlier easy-going vibe.

“Hey, Cho? Want to be boring together again soon? It doesn’t just have to be the two of us, we can do other boring stuff like a party, or hang out, or something normal.”

“Harry Potter, I think that sounds brilliant. I’m definitely in. I think this calls for a toast? Cheers, to being boring… by Harry Potter standards anyway.”

Harry laughed. “Yes. Cheers to that and new-old friends.”

They clinked their glasses together and ended up talking all night. No, seriously, it was just talking get your heads out of the gutter.


Lee: Hello, Hogwarts, this is Lee, Fred, and George, discussing Letterpool with Harry Potter!

Harry: Hi guys, how’s Weasleys Wizarding Wheezes going?

George: Oh well actually it’s going quite well, Harry, thank you—

Fred: Hey! I know what you’re doing, no-no, Harry, you’re talking about your new girlfriend, Cho Chang.

Harry: We’re not—we’re just hanging out but dating might be in the future, and that’s all anyone needs to know.

Lee: So… gotta ask, did she write the letter?

Harry: *laughs* No, she didn’t write the letter, so, er, sorry if the letter was for me. I am a taken man.

Fred: I thought you said you weren’t in a relationship.

Harry: *rolling his eyes* Come on, give me a break here, I only saved the entire world.

Fred: Okay, okay, fair enough… we’re coming to the wedding, though, right?

Harry: Sure. *chuckles* Bye, losers.

Lee: Ha! Well, that’s it, you have it from boy wonder himself. Cho Chang did not write the letter, so unfortunately for those of you who guessed it was Cho to Harry, you did not win. However, Fred and George have very generously decided—if you did pick that ‘coupling’—they are going to give you 10 Galleons off of a 35 Galleon purchase at WWW!

George: That’s right! Congratulations almost winners!

Fred: Too bad you didn’t win, but we’ll love seeing you at Weasleys Wizarding Wheezes in Diagon Alley!

Lee: This is Lee Jordan from Hogwarts Hot Topics signing off.


It had been two weeks since the Letter had dropped to the Gryffindor table, causing quite an annoyance for Seamus. Lately, he headed to the Library after class thinking the hosts of the new Hogwarts radio station would never think to look for him there. Also, Hermione was sure to be there. If there was one person those three weren’t going to mess with, it was her. (Especially after Hermione and Ron’s break up.) It proved to be a successful tactic, and he would walk with Hermione back to the Gryffindor tower because again, the twins never approached him as long as Hermione around. They had made it a point to sort of let her slide under the radar with the whole letter thing. The key term there was sort of, sure they mentioned her, but not to the same extent as they mentioned the other letter candidates.

Hermione quickly picked up on why Seamus was spending so much time with her, and to his surprise she understood. So they started studying together and got a lot closer in the past two weeks. Enough for him to realize something was bothering her, and it was getting a bit hard to watch. She had bags under her eyes. She and Ron had patched things up, but she would snap at him when he whispered something to her. The same thing when Harry did it as well, she’d snap at him, apologize for doing so, and storm off. Seamus didn’t want to pry, but Harry and Ron asked him if she had said anything to him. If Harry and Ron were coming to him for help, then whatever was going on with Hermione was bad.

“Hermione, are you sure you’re okay?”

“Yeah, I’m sure, thanks for checking in, I just think I’m about to get a cold that’s all.”

“Well then it’s good the holidays are coming up, we get to go home and rest for a bit and spend time with our families, yeah?”

Hermione smiled sadly. “Yeah, that’s always a nice thing to look forward to.” Hermione went back to reading something that definitely wasn’t on the syllabus, or at least… Seamus thought?

“Er, Hermione?”

“Yes, Seamus?”

“We’re not getting quizzed on that, are we?”

Hermione looked puzzled and looked at the book. “Oh!” She laughed. “No, heh, this is just research. I'm thinking about doing a study on memory charms. They are quite fascinating”

Seamus couldn’t pinpoint it, but the way she said that seemed like this was more than just a strictly academic study.

“Oh yeah, that does sound interesting. Might really help with studying for a test or recalling important details, like auror stuff. You thinking of becoming an auror like Ron and Harry?”

“Yeah, I am considering it, and thanks for at least sounding interested. I know my extra reading can be a bit boring,” said Hermione.

All Seamus could think was, ‘That was total bollocks. This is Hermione Granger, and yeah she does a bit too much of extra reading, but usually she jumps at the chance to engage with anybody on the stuff she’s reading.’ Her expression spoke volumes; this was not something she liked to talk about, so Seamus decided to leave it.

“Hey, Hermione? I gotta finish this essay on Ancient Runes, what was the book you recommended?”

Hermione perked up at that. “Oh, it was Runes: Quest of the Unknown. It was really helpful! Oh but I think Daphne Greengrass is using it right now. Although she’d probably let you share it alongside her, she’s in one of the reserved rooms.”

“Wicked, thanks, Hermione.”

“You’re welcome, Seamus!” Hermione grinned and went straight back into reading.

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Interhouse Fest 2016: In the Moonlight, Red (2 of 2)
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Interhouse Fest 2016: In the Moonlight, Red (1 of 2)
IF Mod: Ravenclaw
Title: In the Moonlight, Red
Characters: Padma Patil/Lavender Brown
Prompt number: 201
Word Count: 11,478
Rating: T
Warnings: None
Summary: The Wizarding World long thought that Lavender Brown had died. Padma runs into her in the Muggle world.
Disclaimer:The universe and characters of Harry Potter belong to J.K. Rowling.
Author’s Notes: Thank you so much to C for the speedy beta. All remaining mistakes are mine. Thank you so much to the mods as well for being patient and for excellent work on the fest.

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Interhouse Fest 2016: The Children Left Behind (2 of 2)
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The Children Left Behind (2 of 2)Collapse )

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Interhouse Fest 2016: The Children Left Behind (1 of 2)
IF Mod: Gryffindor
Title: The Children Left Behind
Characters: Draco, Remus/Narcissa
Prompt Number: #216
Word Count: 13.5K
Rating: Rish
Warnings: canon-divergent AU (I tried to stay as canon-compliant as I could while telling a completely AU story, so every once in a while I had to use the old adage: Never let facts get in the way of a good story… )
Summary: He had been a fairy tale, a story Draco’s mother told him every night…
Disclaimer: Not now or ever before have I been JK Rowling. Not now or ever before have I made a dime from these yarns I spin.
Author’s Notes: Before the apologies and the But I Meant to’s I owe to the prompter, a huge shout and love fest for my Alpha and Beta, by beginning and end, dear, sweet, always encouraging and grounding C. You made this fic so much better just as you’ve made me better with each story we’ve told together!

Prompter, I’m so sorry there’s very little actual Remus/Narcissa in this Remus/Narcissa story you requested. :( Draco sort of took over, as he’s want to do. But, on the plus, there’s always characters that I very rarely write because they scare me, but when I take the risk, I fall more and more in love. ♥ Draco ♥

I also didn’t intend to tell the little shit’s entire life story in the time I had allotted. :( So, huge shout outs and THANK YOU DEARLYs to the wonderful mods who were above and beyond patient with me.

Title taken from a JK Rowling interview explaining why she gakked Remus: "I think one of the most devastating things about war is the children left behind. As happened in the first war when Harry's left behind, I wanted us to see another child left behind.” STILL NOT FORGIVEN MS. ROWLING!!

Anyway… enjoy!

The Children Left Behind (1 of 2)Collapse )

Part 2

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Interhouse Fest 2016 - Hope Versus Werewolf (Part 2 of 2)
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Parts I and II Here

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Interhouse Fest 2016 - Hope Versus Werewolf (Part 1 of 2)
IF Mod: Hufflepuff
Title: Hope Vs. Werewolf
Characters: Remus Lupin, Nymphadora Tonks, Ted Tonks, Sirius Black, Molly Weasley, Albus Dumbledore, Mad-Eye Moody, Peter Pettigrew
Prompt number: 7
Word Count: 15,177
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Mild sexual content, violence and cursing
Summary: After her father meets a strange wolf in the forest, Auror Nymphadora Tonks decides to investigate, and ends up getting far more than she bargained for.
Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the Harry Potter characters or the original story of The Beauty and the Beast. I’m just borrowing them for my (and your) amusement and not making any money out of this! No copyright infringement is intended.
Author’s Notes: This is the longest fic I’ve ever written! And a huge thanks to my beta, you know who you are :)

Hope Vs. Werewolf (1 of 2)Collapse )

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Interhouse Fest 2016: Where Home Is (5 of 5)
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